Recycling -Creativity is making marvelous out of discarded

Recycling is the process of converting materials that we would see as trash into new products. Recycling can be beneficial for our surroundings, environment, and society.
If we want to live happily on this earth then we have to keep it safe and clean and recycling is the best way to keep it pure. Just start with your own home, keep old things, and convert them into new products. We can keep our environment safe from pollution if we recycle our old products in a way that there will no more trash in the landfills. It helps in reducing water and air pollution.
If we recycle 50 percent of our world’s waste material into new things, it means that we are saving space for us because as we know the population of this world is increasing day by day and we need much more space as the remaining waste materials occupy much lesser space. With the help of recycling, we can protect our future generations.
Recently companies started using incinerators that burn the wastes and turn them into ashes but it also caused air pollution and use our valuable fossil fuel. So it's better not to burn your waste materials but recycle them.
It also creates new job opportunities for unemployed people and helps them serve their homes. According to the Recycling Economic Information (REI) Study, in a single year, recycling created 757,000 jobs, which account for $36.6 billion in wages. For every 1000 tons of waste recycled, 1.57 jobs are created, and $76,000 wages are made.
People should try to avoid things that can’t be recycled or pollute the environment i.e plastic shopping bags and plastic papers. Try to use paper bags and try to avoid purchasing such things that have much plastic packaging. Motivate and promote recycling industries, purchase recycled products.
Rigid plastics, bottles, paper and cardboard, metals, tin, aluminum, and steel cans, glass, loose plastic bags, plastic shopping bags, polystyrene foam cups or containers, soiled food items can be recycled.

If we want to make this world a better place to live and want it to become a paradise for our upcoming generations, recycle as much as possible. It helps make your environment neat, clean, and pure. Don’t waste materials that you think as useable again. Recycling is important because one ton of recycled paper saves 24000 gallons of water, saves space, saves energy, saves trees, saves barrels of oils. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it
~Robert Swan

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